Business Intelligence (BI) is a concept that encompasses a wide range of decision support applications that enable quick shared and interactive access to information as well as its analysis and manipulation. It is through these tools that managers can discover relationships and trends and transform large amounts of information into knowledge that is truly useful for decision making.
Currently, managers have to adopt more modern management methods that allow them to have a golbal view of the organization with structured information organized and updated in real time so that they can respond to requests and different scenarios with which they are confronted in the day-to-day.

Today's Business Intelligence (BI) solutions are crucial to ensure the competitiveness of organizations. YellowScire, has been developing a very focused work which aims to contribute to the understanding and analysis of the fundamental data to the decision making of organizations. Currently, organizations have to work with large volumes of structured and unstructured data, from different sources (social networks, GPS systems, security, etc.) which need to be stored, understood and analyzed in order to guarantee their local and global competitiveness. The Information Technology (IT) areas also have to decide either to keep this large mass of data stored “in house”, in private, public or hybrid “clouds” facing the challenge of integrating all this information and making it available to executives.
Because technology is currently inextricably linked to the business organizations are daily faced with difficulties in IT management. In this scenario, it is very complicated for any organization to manage one of its greatest assets “information” which needs to be worked on to be useful either to define customer behavior patterns market developments improve processes or reduce costs. This is a context that requires an intelligent and responsible answer that is BI solutions, which are essential tools for making strategic decisions and for the future of organizations. "BI is more than a decision support solution it is a competitive advantage".
BI solutions are not new to the corporate market it is a topic that has been very popular over the years where a good part of organizations have implemented BI solutions however without the necessary consistency to guarantee the progress and improvement of this technology. Reasons such as the lack of integration between the different systems from different suppliers and with different functions made it difficult to compile and analyze the data or due to the lack of understanding of the tools.
Previously the IT areas offered BI slices with reports and analyzes that responded to different departments in a completely segregated way not allowing to analyze the business as a whole a factor that also made it difficult to adhere for users who did not realize the effectiveness of the reports who had very fragmented information and often did not respond to their needs. Currently the technology market uses a more effective BI concept in which for its implementation it is required to understand not only the IT infrastructure (its limits and capabilities) but also the specifics of each business.

In this context we respond to a set of specific needs of organizations using the best practices and the most respected methodologies in the following areas:

  • ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning;

  • BSC | Balanced Scorecard;

  • CPM | Corporate Performance Management;

  • BPM | Business Process Management;

  • CRM | Customer Relationship Management;

  • SOA |Service Oriented Architecture;

  • ITIL | Information Technology Infrastructure Library;

  • DS | Data Scientist & Analytics;

  • BD | Big Data & Management;

  • DS | Data Strategy;

  • MLI | Mobility & Location Intelligence.

YellowScire continues to fulfill its commitment to providing high performance BI software that offers managers easy access to information for informed decision making. Each BI system determines a specific goal based on the organizational objective or the vision of the company existing in both objectives either long or short term.

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Companies can no longer manage their business with finantial ratios alone. The desertification of markets, the great competitiveness of markets with the entry of new competitors in a short time, the evolution of new technologies providing new opportunities to increasingly demanding customers, requires a new vision of managing and directing organizations.
In this context, we present some solutions for Strategic Management and Data Analysis & Reporting for organizations that include the following technologies:

Balanced Scorecard v10 | Synergise BI

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Qlik View & Qlik Sense

These state-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools, which provide various analyzes and research from a large number of information sources allows business analysts to aggregate...

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Power BI | Data Analysis

Power BI is a suite of business analysis tools that provides knowledge across the organization. With this tool you can connect to hundreds of data sources. With this tool you can connect to ...

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