YellowScire Partners

In order to meet the evolving needs of our customers, we continuously diversify and specialize our offer. We celebrate alliances that ensure our customers access to the best market-leading solutions in the various business areas. So YellowScire is able to combine with its value proposition the advantages of both a technological and an implementer positioning.


Synergise BI

Synergise BI is a consulting and information technology company that operates in the area of ​​Business Intelligence and development of business analysis solutions. These solutions aim to provide their customers high quality solutions that aligned with the strategic vision enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the organizations success.
Based in England in the last years its experienced team of senior consultants has developed the Balanced Scorecard solutions for Rocket Software (Rocket Gentia Balanced Scorecard v8 and v9). With the launch of the Balanced Scorecard v10 a new cycle begins at Synergise BI which naturally comes to hold all the copyright and commercialization of the BSC v10 solution. This new version is the result of the continuation of the product and was developed using the most advanced and innovative technologies.
So the Portuguese, Spanish and PALOPS markets will be able to count on the presence of a unique and exclusive distributor through YellowScire that with this alliance aims to offer an innovative and specific solution for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard methodology.

Steve Cochrane, CEO of Synergise BI, ensures that "This partnership aims to provide YellowScire customers with a set of quality support services and technologies in the area of ​​Strategic Management and we are delighted to be working with such a talented and professional organization. like YellowScire ".

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Universidade Europeia

The European University stands out for its capacity for innovation and for its differentiating academic model, which is based on the principles of quality, internationalization and proximity to companies and the labor market. The portfolio is made up by the European University, IADE - Institute of Art, Design and Business and IPAM - Portuguese Institute of Marketing Administration.
The cooperation protocol between the European University and YellowScire, aims to establish bridges with regard to the teaching component of Strategic Management and collaboration with students in the field of employability.
Being an exclusively distributor of BSC v10 for the Portuguese, Spanish and PALOPS markets, YellowScire makes available the software "Synergise Balanced Scorecard v10" to teachers so that they can present the topic of Strategic Management to students in a practical setting, using support technology which allows to implement develop and monitor the strategy defined in their practical cases, with the aim of providing students with a solid preparation which allows them to implement this methodology in the organizations with which they collaborate or come to collaborate.

Carlos Duarte, Director of Institutional Relations, says that "This cooperation focuses on cementing synergies with YellowScire in the field of strategic management in the educational field and in the exchange with students regarding professional internships, R&D and insertion in the job market".

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INA - Direção-Geral da Qualificação dos Trabalhadores em Funções Públicas

INA is a central service of the direct administration of the State, integrated in the "Ministério das Finanças". Its mission aims to develop, qualify and manage the mobility of workers in public functions aiming at the integration of organizational development processes constituting itself as a national reference in the area of ​​training and ensuring international technical cooperation with similar institutions for the valuation of human resources of public administrations.
YellowScire and INA, established a cooperation protocol within the scope of training courses aimed at Directors of Public Administration with the objective of enhancing the successful implementation of the strategic management methodology in Public Administration.
As a distributor of BSC v10 in Portugal, YellowScire makes the software "Synergise Balanced Scorecard v10" available to Directors participating in the courses "BSC - Initial Level" and "BSC - Advanced Level", so that they can implement, develop and follow the strategy defined in their final work in the application of support, so that at the end of the course they have a solid preparation that allows them to implement the application of this technology in their organization.

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Estratégia Elementar

It is a company in the field of training that operates in the national market and in PALOPS and offers a very broad portfolio of training courses in planning, control, organization & people and support, directed to Public Administration (INA and Public Organizations) and for private individuals.

Jorge Caldeira, CEO of Estratégia Elementar, informs that, "This synergy aims to provide YellowScire customers and partners with a set of skills in the area of ​​training, with a special focus on the strategic management component (BSC)".

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GoContact is a company specialized in integrated Contact Center solutions (IPBX + Contact Center Software + Communications). It positions itself in the market with 2 premium products, developed by its softwarehouse, Contact Center platform and IPBX platform. Both web based products are based on IP architecture and were developed from scratch to work in the cloud.
GoContact provides all the functionality of a state-of-the-art, complete, robust and integrated Contact Center platform, such as IPBX, IVR, Inbound / Outbound Services, Scripts, Tickets, Chat, CRM, Reporting / Analytics, Quality, E- learning, SMS, Text to Speech, and other features.

Rui Marques, CEO of GoTelecom, informs that "This partnership aims to offer YellowScire customers a service of excellence in Communications, IPBX and Contact Centers".

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Wavecom is a reference Engineering company with a strong Integration and Development component which supports a portfolio of solutions in the areas of Wireless Networks and Unified Communications. Wavecom is characterized by solid know-how, versatility and competence in the design and implementation of integrated and turnkey systems and applications adapted to the needs of each client.
The knowledge and experience accumulated over these years due to the number and complexity of the projects carried out, reinforce the multidisciplinary experience of its technical staff constituting a differentiating value of Wavecom in the market.

Nuno Marques, Administrator of Wavecom, says that "This alliance aims to offer YellowScire customers a reference service in the area of ​​Wireless Networks, VoIP, Video surveillance and R&D in communications".

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Magicode is a national company that was born from the desire of a team of people to offer a quality and differentiated service for the development of a set of solutions totally adequate and customized to various markets. The model platform it uses in its transversal solutions is called "Addapt" because it adapts to different projects and areas according to the specific needs of organizations.

António Marques, CIO of Magicode, states that "This partnership aims to provide park operators with a complete On-Street and Off-Street park management solution that includes the back office component, Tax App and Parking App with mobile payment included".


ÿneeds is a software research and development company. Through its innovative and unique methodologies, it offers a new concept to organizations that aims to implement technological solutions for processing and automatic document verification, in order to reduce operational costs and their losses due to fraud, using the most advanced ones. knowledge of "Machine Learning" mathematical models of distortions produced by the processes of printing and digitizing documents "Print & Scan Channel" and "Optical Document Processing".
To assist organizations to increase their quality and efficiency standards we provide a team of engineers with over 20 years of experience in the area of ​​fraud prevention, process automation, security, research and systems integration for the Financial sectors, Insurance, Utilities and Public Administration.

Víctor Rodríguez, CTO & Co-Founder of ÿNeeds, ensures that "This partnership with YellowScire aims to offer Portuguese customers different and innovative document processing solutions compared to traditional systems".

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Attic Master

Attic Master is an information technology consulting and development company with extensive experience in the implementation of Zendesk of which it is the exclusive distributor for the Portuguese market.
Zendesk is an Omnichannel Customer Service solution and is considered by the Gartner Group as the best customer service software in the world. This solution is distributed over a set of functionalities and easily integrated with Telephone, E-mail, Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Instant Messaging,...), Chat, WhatsApp where all the information from the different channels is concentrated in the same platform.

Bruno Silva, CEO at Attic Master, informs that "This alliance aims to make available to YellowScire customers and partners Zendesk, a top solution that provides a significant increase in the improvement of the service provided to the customer".