Organizations and public entities are progressively incorporating high availability high security and total interoperability voice over IP technologies with local systems and applications in a perspective of urgent resource optimization and the development of new business models strategic aspects towards the current economic and market conditions. Based on this existing know-how, it is possible to provide several Radio Engineering services.
YellowScire presents a portfolio of innovative solutions and professional services in the field of communications for large organizations which go through all phases of a radio engineering solution and include assessment and planning, integration, implementation, operational management and support.

global communications solutions

  • Business Systems;

  • Call-Centers;

  • Contact-Centers;

  • Wireless Networks;

  • NGN Network Design;

  • UC Security;

  • Wholesale Plataforms;

  • Dynamic Routing;

  • Opensource VoIP Systems;

  • Radio Coverage Analysis;

  • Adaptation of Protocols;

  • Voice Transcoding;

  • Voice Interconnection;

  • Radio Installation Certification;

  • Indoor & Outdoor Radio Coverage Projects.

Areas of expertise:

  • Health | Council | Transport | Utilities | Energy | Sport | Services

This offer also includes the Contact Center platform and IPBX platform, both solutions are web based and based on IP architecture and were developed from scratch for operation in the cloud.
We offer all the features of a state-of-the-art complete, robust and integrated Contact Center platform, such as IPBX, IVR, Inbound / Outbound Services, Scripts, Tickets, Chat, CRM, Reporting / Analytics, Quality, E-learning, SMS, Text to Speech among other features.

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Through some strategic partnerships YellowScire offers a set of professional communication services that respond to a wide variety of specific needs of organizations, which aims to facilitate the use, improve the quality of the service provided taking into account the associated cost reduction.
We present some available technologies:


  • High Density;

  • Councils;

  • Hotels;

  • Retail and Logistics;

  • Events;

  • Hospitals.


  • Internet of Things;

  • Links for Utilities;

  • Links for Telcos;

  • Private Networks;

  • M2M.


  • Radio Trunking;

  • Video Surveillance;

  • User Authentication;

  • Unified Communications;

  • Location Radio.

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