Human capital is recognized in organizations as a factor of positive differentiation in a context of global economy and competitiveness. This capital so important for organizations needs to be properly built and developed a process to which Human Resources consulting and training solutions contribute provided they are well oriented.
So in partnership with the Estratégia Elementar, we offer effective solutions for unlocking and enriching human capital that allow your customers / partners to increase the productivity of their employees and consequently greater profitability of their businesses and greater efficiency at work developed.
We currently have a vast number of educational intervention programs available in the following areas:


  • Strategic Management - Balanced Scorecard (BSC) | From Strategy to Action;

  • Strategic Plan Development | Best Practices;

  • Prospective | Scenario Planning;

  • Management by Objectives | Objectives, Indicators and Goals;

  • Competitive Intelligence | Acquisition of Competitive Advantages;

  • SROI | Social Return Of Investment | Measuring the Impacts of Programs and Policies;

  • Project Management Planning | Planning, Execution and Control.


  • BPM - Business Process Management | Optimization of Internal Processes;

  • Predictive Analytics | Anticipation of Results and Risk Management;

  • CAF - Common Assessment Framework | The Principles of Excellence;

  • Data Scientist | Transform Data into Knowledge;

  • Dashboard construction | Graphical Visualization of Performance.


  • Leadership Techniques | Consolidation of a Leader;

  • Talent Management | Identify, Retain and Develop;

  • Conflict Management | Overcoming Conflicts and Negotiating Solutions.


  • Statistics for Managers | Data Treatment and Analysis;

  • Global Support and Decisions | Investment, Financing and Strategy.


  • Strategic Plan Development | Ministries - Government Agencies - City Council;

  • Predictive Analytics | Optimization of Internal Processes in Public Administration;

  • Data Scientist | Transforming Organisms' Data into Knowledge;

  • SROI | Social Return Of Investment | Measuring the Impacts of Programs and Public Policies;

  • Dashboard construction | Analysis of Data in Public Services;

  • Statistics for Public Managers; ;

  • Among others...

We also offer a tailored training area, where a specific course can be created according to the requirements and objectives of the organization. E-Learning platforms are essential for a complete coverage in the area of ​​training, resulting in multiple benefits for organizations.

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Strategic Management Consulting (BSC)

Our goal is to help Public and Private Organizations to design their strategic model and to define the processes inherent to it, having as main concern the correct alignment of the strategy to the entire organization.
The dynamics of business are undergoing a fundamental transformation process, the financial and non-financial markets are changing the way in which the potential of organizations is valued. To respond to this change, it is essential to have a strategic management application and guide the organization to new management focuses.

Organizations must promote a corporate vision at all levels, providing the heads of different areas with the vital information they need to align their management and business units with the organization's strategy. The Balanced Scorecard supports the best and most innovative methodology for the effective implementation of the strategy in organizations.

To follow and monitor the strategy quickly and easily, we have tools that allow you to operationally specify your organization's strategy by aligning objectives with action plans, holding key people accountable for the implementation of objectives and managing in a sensible its evolution.

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