The presence of Organizations in digital media is absolutely essential for the development of the business and for the dissemination of their products and services. In this context we help companies to give visibility to their business through the most advanced support technologies.
We present the critical success factors for the presence of your business on the internet:

1. Exclusivity

  • The website allows organizations to have their own domain on the Internet, in addition to enabling the creation of an exclusive platform their own development and layout according to the company's brand identity, meeting their needs and that of their target audience. Advertisements are fleeting, while the site is an asset that is all recorded information will be accessible indefinitely.

2. Low Cost and Effective Disclosure

  • The Internet is the most widely used means of communication in the world. Being present with an exclusive page for your business already means enormous visibility and increased possibilities for success and brand recognition without additional costs as it is online and easily accessible, the site transmits more information and reaches its target audience quickly and effectively. Keeping your website up-to-date providing important information about your company and promoting your products and services contribute to gaining the confidence of potential customers in your brand and consequently giving more focus to your business.

3. Relationship with customers

  • Another advantage of this tool it is possible to maintain a close relationship with potential customers. For this the most effective way is to use your website as a content platform. Creating relevant content that educates and clarifies the doubts of your target audience, shows that people can trust your brand, in addition to generating engagement opportunities, attracting new customers, retaining old ones and making the consumer like your products.

4. Increase in sales

  • Due to its enormous scope, the site becomes a great virtual showcase. It is possible to exhibit and even sell your products and services anytime and anywhere in the world. Being online 24 hours a day gives the opportunity for potential customers to make favorable decisions for your business when they prefer.

5. Measurement of Results

  • There are several tools that allow you to measure the performance of your website. Data such as: traffic; where the accesses comes from; how users arrived at the site; how they sail within it and how long they stay; they are important information to improve even more the online platform of your business. When measuring these results it is possible to understand the behavior of visitors, make decisions and optimize links and pages, increasing the positive return for your business.

How is your company's website?
It is important to update it constantly. Remember that well-built websites inspire confidence for people and influence when making a purchase decision.

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Today SEO is much more complex than it was in the past. We would even say that it is a definition in constant evolution given the changes which have been verified in the formulas that prioritize the list of websites that are shown when searching in a search engine. Search Engine Optimization is a multidisciplinary activity that seeks to generate productive organic traffic on search engines through technically well-built networked sites that respond with relevance and value to the search carried out by the user.

Do you know where your site appears when you search on a search engine?
Test the SEO concept by doing a Google search with words related to your business (keywords), look at the sites that appear on the first page.
Do you see your website?
If it does not appear, it is as if it did not exist.
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Digital Marketing are communication actions that companies can use through the internet, smartphones and other digital media to publicize and market their products and services, winning new customers and improving their network of contacts. This process consists of the practice of promote products or services through the use of electronic distribution channels to reach consumers quickly in an expressive, personalized and more efficient manner.

This type of marketing translates into actions adapted to digital media, in order to obtain in these channels the same efficiency and effectiveness as direct marketing while simultaneously enhancing the effects of traditional marketing. Digital channels means and tools are normally used in its operational process.
The whole construction of an action plan is based on a vision which translates into an objective to be achieved. From this point on, the means to be used to achieve the results are defined. The singular form of the relationship with each client is the secret for choosing an action plan to be the most appropriate given that the fact that you know a client or project in question will make the media efforts enhance the marketing work thus making it digital.

E-Marketing or Digital Marketing is based on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the process of creating, communicating and providing value to customers and their stakeholders demographic data of people who are more likely to show interest in a product or service.
With marketing applied to the digital medium a new consumer has emerged. This type of consumer is a more demanding, informed attentive being and who always seeks records that allow him to know more before leaving the comfort of his home. The exchange of ideas with other consumers is also natural.

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Mobile Application Development for Your Business

More and more organizations are adopting mobility as a strategy for their business. In this context and to assertively respond to the challenges of companies, we develop solutions that aim to enhance the use of smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, as tools for proximity and customer loyalty. Mobile applications are no longer new to anyone brands and companies heavily invest in mobile applications as a way of getting closer to their target audience promoting their products and services and they are also a way for them to stand out from the competition.

The truth is that the consumer increasingly uses mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as a privileged platform to access the internet sees this bet with good eyes. Launching a mobile application allows the brand or company to be always at the consumer's side at all times, also paving the way for new communication channels. Mobile applications allow you to interact with the consumer in seconds in an easy convenient way and transmitting information that the company / brand can control.

According to the idea presented, the solution to be developed may involve the development of a native application for iOS or Android or in a web environment for mobile devices. Applications for the main platforms such as iOS and Android are available for download in the respective stores (Apple Store or Google Play) and are installed directly on the devices.
Suitable for any type of business or activity area, the functionalities of mobile applications are tailored to each client and business allowing a fast and pleasant browsing experience as well as connectivity to social networks. Depending on the application they may have geolocation allow purchases and sales, registrations, social network, calendar and / or calendar applications, among many other features.

Nowadays mobile applications represent a privileged tool for businesses to communicate and interact directly with their target audience. App are a theme of the present and businesses that decide to wait are at serious risk of losing consumers and consequently sales, being easily overtaken by the competition.


Exponential Growth

  • According to Morgan Stanley Research, the application market will grow 200% by 2018, meaning we are at a time of strong growth in interest in mobile applications. In this way, the adaptation and acceptance of this new reality by your company will be as natural as possible.

Customer Relationship and Loyalty

  • Currently people are connected 24h with immediate access to any type of information through their smartphones. When they install your company's App, they start associating their name with the service or product they need to purchase. In the most important moments, customers will contact your company, because it is your brand that is present on their smartphone screen.

Competitive need

  • Mobile applications demonstrate that your company is concerned with always being connected with its customers. In this way, customers know that your company is always available to listen to them whenever they need your products or services.

Data Source

  • Apps can provide information to the public that your competitors do not have, such as age, location, consumption habits and other services they are using. For each user who downloads, your company gets more information and gets to know the customer's profile better through their interaction in the purchase process.

Greater interaction

  • Smartphones provide greater user interaction with social media applications. By connecting your company's application with these means it is possible to make it known to an audience that does not yet know it, gaining more visibility in the market.

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