We provide a voice platform and Call Center Software in IP architecture, based on the cloud. This Call Center Software is a product resulting from the synergy between teams with high know-how in telecommunications / software engineering, Call Center Management and operational consultancy thus guaranteeing a final solution that is as adapted as possible to market needs.
This international reference platform uses state-of-the-art technology and provides all the necessary services for an effective management of the Call Center, quickly, simply and effectively. The complete Call Center solution that presents a range of modules that can be parameterized according to the specific needs of organizations and that includes the following main items:


GoContact provides the latest service technology and queue management. All its configuration is carried out «on-the-go» being immediately active and allowing you to make the most of your time. Through a simple and intuitive management interface you can configure the most complex telephone service scenario in a few minutes.


Inbound phone channel with ACD, IVR and Self Service? No problem! A drag & drop web interface, with a simple and intuitive configuration. Real-time changes to keep pace with your business, without the need for programmers and IT professionals.


With the Outbound telephone channel, you can create the most powerful customer contact campaigns. Predictive Dialer powered by a powerful campaign creation tool will completely change your contact performance.


The GoContact Dialer offers several methods of contact in line with business needs. GoContact provides dashboards that allow you to monitor the activity of the dialer as well as intuitive parameterization interfaces allowing the operational management to act in a timely manner with the business needs.

  IVR | IVR Outbound | IVR Campaign

GoContact offers a complete and intuitive interface that guarantees an easy configuration of an interactive and automatic voice system (IVR) designed to answer or interact with the interlocutor allowing, for example to direct calls to the most capable operators in a given subject.
IVR Outbound is a module of IVR campaigns that enhances contacts via the automatic voice system. Through the IVR Campaign, contacts for customers that can come from previously loaded databases, or from contacts made in traditional inbound and outbound campaigns (with the intervention of a contact center agent) are strengthened, and there may be filters on the campaigns previously selected target and business results. As soon as the call is made the system redirects it to a previously defined IVR.
In these automatic voice systems the desired vocal guides can be made available, as well as promoting the collection of responses in numeric format typed by customers during automatic contact. This service is typically used to implement questionnaires or satisfaction surveys.


E-mail has become one of the main channels of communication between the customer and companies. Based on this evidence the need for Ticket Support arose. The daily amount of e-mails received by companies is huge and customers expect e-mail communication to be quick and practical. This e-mail management system is based on the work queue architecture, which allows your business e-mail to be dealt quickly and efficiently. The normal flow of e-mail does not allow for the proper management of a large number of e-mails.


In omnichannel view, the Webchat channel is available on the GoContact platform ensuring that like voice or tickets it is possible to effectively manage the relationship with customers. Based on the existence of a customer file via the GoContact platform it is possible to manage consult and record all interactions from the various available channels including WabChat. In view of the omnichannel concept of the GoContact platform it is possible to switch between contact channels to ensure the best response to the customer.

  Quality & E-Learning

The Quality area must have a totally comprehensive view of the business, services, product and service.
Contact Monitoring and Evaluation  It is possible to audit the received / originated contacts and evaluate them using a specific evaluation grid, developed “made to measure” in a “user friendly” way on the GoContact platform. Response weights can be applied so that, at the end of the evaluation, the result of each evaluation is available. The results are also consultable in specific reporting.
E-learning  Area where content (text, images, videos, etc.) referring to matters that should be known by the teams can be presented. In addition to making content available knowledge assessment grids may also be built and made available in order to measure acquired knowledge.
Customer Opinion Assessment - Via IVR  Through an IVR configuration platform automatic surveys can be developed that can be made available to customers in order to measure their satisfaction and / or be asked other types of questions that are necessary for the business. Possibility of parameterization of automatic campaign with reading in BD Inbound or outbound. Compliant reporting is also available for any component.

  Social Networks

The current social network is available on the platform receive and send Tweets follow people or keywords follow your brand and your customers. Don't miss out on events. With the direct integration between Twitter and GoContact you will never receive the news the next day. With powerful search tools, indexing, suggestions, automatic answers, among many other features, you will be able to fully dominate this dynamic social network ensuring that all customers who contact your company receive useful responses in real time.

  Statistics & Dashboard

Real Time Stats allows you to Optimize Service  Reduce waiting times and dropout rates; Improve customer satisfaction; Reduce operating expenses; Increase in membership and occupancy rates.
Your Contact Center in Real Time  All the information you need, highly configurable, always online. Through the GoContact platform, information becomes accessible at any internet access point.
Total control of the entire operation  Through the analysis of our dashboard, the supervisor can immediately change service priorities, to optimize the efficiency of the call center.

  Report & Analytics

At GoContact we have standardized Report & Analytics aiming that in the same place you have quick and detailed access to quantitative data as well as their graphical report. With this analysis it is intended that you will be able to increase service productivity. Based on the detailed analysis you can predict future service in the waiting lines. By allocating available resources correctly and accurately you will consistently optimize your service.


CRM GoContact guarantees an Omnichannel view of the iteractions received and carried out with customers. It allows a 360º view of the interactions carried out by the various channels (voice, tickets, e-mails, WebChat) with the customer. The consultation of the customer's history is available at the distance of “one click” ensure correct customer management with the GoContact Platform.

  Database Management

The available tool made by GoContact to manage your data is very intuitive, as is the whole platform dispensing with database knowledge. The method of uploading the contact database to associate with inbound or outbound campaigns is done quickly and easily allowing for a timely response to business needs. GoContact also provides APIs that allow automatic loading of databases from external applications. Loading of Databases is allowed for the treatment of voice contacts, tickets, BKO tasks, as well as auxiliary tables to support the business.


It is GoTelecom's goal to ensure that the integration of the GoContact platform with external platforms ensures the perfect synergy between the functionalities of a platform, Omnicanal contact center and customer management solutions / platforms. The GoContact platform allows integration with several external platforms (CRMs, ERP's, among others, as long as it is possible to communicate with the platforms via web services.). Integrations are guaranteed according to the needs of customers and their business promoting consultations / writing information between platforms.
It is also possible to promote the opening of web platforms external to the GoContact Platform within the GoContact interface. With the GoContact platform it is possible to promote a unique contact interface with native GoContact information and information from other platforms in order to optimize the work environment of employees, enhancing business results.

  Supervisor Agent Interface

Access to the agent software is done through a browser, as well as all access to GoContact. This system simplifies its installation in multiposto and its access. The agent has all the service channels available and visible on his homepage, being able to quickly identify the channel of interaction with the customer, be it email, inbound, outbound, chat, etc. It allows you to consult your daily metrics and you can easily find out how to improve them. Proactivity is an asset in your contact center. Through the analysis of our dashboard, the supervisor can change service priorities to optimize the efficiency of the call center.

  Profile Builder

The GoContact platform provides a module that allows you to build custom profiles. So it is possible to ensure that the operations make available to their employees, depending on the function and projects allocated the access and performance permissions they need to have. This ensures the best control over the activities of employees avoiding activities that are not allowed.

  Smart Scripting

Building the Script in a Smart Scripting Web interface with the advanced script construction system allows you to instruct in a simple and fast way, a solid and explicit conversation between the agent and the customer through its configuration.


Have you thought about SMS to facilitate communication with your customers?
SMS is an increasingly effective marketing tool, due to the low cost it represents. The SMS module is a very “user friendly” solution that allows you to send mass SMS. You just have to choose the database you want to send the SMS to, and delivery is done immediately - simple and effective. When working together with the GoContact solution, it is possible to create several automatisms that guarantee greater effectiveness of your Contact Center. It is possible, for example, to send SMS after each call, based on call type and SMS alerts, based on date / time and call type.

  Text to Speech

The Text Recognition and Speech Synthesis solution makes communication with your customers easier and more effective. Speech Synthesis Systems allow a written text to be reproduced through speech. In essence a speech synthesizer allows you to give your computer a voice.
The application of speech recognition and synthesis engines allows to create more natural and intuitive voice solutions. The automatic generation of speech from text or speech synthesis as it is usually called, is a process that transforms any text into speech with high degrees of intelligibility and naturalness. The obtained results are later used in the speech signal generation process.


GoVoice is a voice solution in the Cloud
It is aimed at business customers who do not intend to own or operate a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) in their facilities and wish to use all the benefits of IP telephony. The solution was designed to facilitate the migration of traditional telephone exchanges. GoVoice transfer the telephony functionalities existing in local telephone exchanges (traditional or IP) to the Cloud. It has the advantage of allowing the management of geographically relocated offices through a single IPBX. Before large installations, GoContact also provides the configuration of GoVoice in Private Cloud to be installed / configured in the customer's facilities.


  • Reduced Cost of Ownership;

  • Centralized Management;

  • Possibility of TDM Telephony Integration;

  • Reduction or Elimination of Traditional Telephone Subscriptions;

  • Calls at Zero Cost through the IP Network between the different locations of the Institution;

  • Unique Voice and Data Infrastructure;

  • Smooth Investment, Made to Measure of Real Needs;

  • Absolutely Quiet Passage between Traditional Telephony and the IP World;

  • Possible Elimination of Roaming Costs.


  • Web Based Management;

  • Automatic Call Answering (IVR);

  • Voicemail on the Phone or E-mail;

  • Audioconference;

  • Call Recording;

  • Call-Back;

  • “Click-to-Dial” system;

  • Reporting.


  • Quick and Simple Installation;

  • Centralized Management through a Web Portal;

  • Allows you to maintain your Current Numbering;

  • Allows you to add new Nomadic Geographic Numbering, with a unique Voice pricing within your institution;

  • Maintains all Telephony Functionalities.


  • Quick and Simple Installation;

  • SIP Register Server;

  • Application Server;

  • SIP Telephone Management and Procurement System;

  • Calls with ENUM Consultation;

  • VoIP Protocols - Use of SIP, RTP, SIP-TLS, SRTP protocols.


  • Adaptable to the needs of the moment, namely, the number of users. Ideal for business models in constant development.

Voice Communications

The GoContact Voice service is the ideal solution for Institutions with strong communication needs.
GoContact's SIP Trunk solution is an offering of high availability and resilience voice services. The service is aimed at customers with communication needs through IP telephone exchanges and looking for quality of service, availability, flexibility and competitive financial conditions.


  • Reduced Prices, with Postpaid Billing;

  • Security and Maintenance of Current Numbering.

Service Quality

  • Being a native service over IP technology, without the need for conversions, it guarantees a higher voice quality and the possibility of integration with several valuable services such as IVR or ACD, for global voice solutions.

Integration with leading manufacturers

  • This service is available with pre-tested configurations with the main IPBX models, to ensure full interoperability. We support the process of configuring your IPBX to guarantee integration.

Service Level

  • We have resilient technology that guarantees a high availability solution.

Competitive integrated offer

  • We present a competitive solution with the possibility of integration with several valuable services such as IVR or ACD, for a global voice solution.

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