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YellowScire has a set of predefined analysis solutions that meet the real needs of Public and Private Organizations. In the last decade, we have emphasized the development of specific solutions for Public Administration, having installed our solutions in a series of Public Bodies.
In the private sector, some of the solutions we have available for the different areas of activity were also installed, having contributed in a very positive way to a better functioning of organizations and a significant increase in the quality of services provided to their customers.
As organizations are constantly looking for more technologically advanced solutions, YellowScire excels in its ambition to do more and better, with its customers and partners, contributing assertively to the development of solutions and the success of projects.
YellowScire represents and distributes some of the most advanced technologies that support the implementation of information systems and that are used across the different business areas.


Balanced Scorecard v10 | Synergise BI

Synergise Balanced Scorecard v10 is a solution that provides all the functionality to build and maintain a large number of scorecards. These scorecards can range from a corporate scorecard to a scorecard by department, section or employee.
Synergise Balanced Scorecard v10 combines the strength of its distributed architecture for analytical applications with the complete implementation of the Balanced Scorecard methodology designed by R. Kaplan and D. Norton, something that no other application for measuring performance or management software can. claim.

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Balanced Scorecard | Central Administration and Local Administration

Public Administration, traditionally guided by a large volume of legal norms, pressured by the scarcity of financial resources, is today faced with the urgent need to adopt new management instruments. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management tool widely used today in companies that practice modern and strategy-oriented management styles. Virtually all public or private organizations plan to use it if they have not already done so. The use of the BSC methodology in a Public Agency presupposes a horizontal view of structured processes oriented to the citizen and to companies.

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Advanced Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

With the increase in data availability and the evolution of analytical tools, it provides organizations with the opportunity to explore new business models in the digital age. Currently, companies are still unable to capture the full value of the data, with a disconnect between the decision-making process, the business value and the analytical view. In order to be at the forefront of this digital transformation, companies must develop an integrated vision in relation to opportunities and the management of new resources and tools.
In recent years YellowScire has developed some advanced Intelligence & Analytics solutions for different areas of activity that have proved to be very important for the development of the business.

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Power BI | Data Analysis

Power BI is a suite of business analysis tools to analyze data and share knowledge across the organization. With this tool you can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data processing and create specific analyzes. It offers a set of features that allows you to produce professional reports with a modern and sophisticated look. Any user can create personalized dashboards with a unique 360º view of their business. It is scalable to the entire organization with simplified management and built-in security.

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QlikView & Qlik Sense

QlikView and Qlik Sense are state-of-the-art BI platforms capable of ensuring business management and a unique view of information, allowing business users to consolidate, view and query data in an intuitive, effective and independent way. Scalability and security are another of its main characteristics, as well as the possibility of being used from different types of clients (browser, richclient, mobile) or devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets).
State-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools, which provide various analyzes and research from a large number of information sources. It allows business analysts to aggregate and consolidate information from many sources, explore it, discover patterns, define business performance measurement indicators and, in general, resolve or prevent activity management problems.

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SAP HCM & SAP SuccessFactors | 360º View of Human Resources

Having a 360º view of Human Resources is essential to get to know all the employees with whom we work and all the activities that are carried out in organizations. When there is a great deal of knowledge about all the company's employees, it becomes easier to keep employees motivated and retain the best talents, for this, it is essential that managers know well the needs and motivations of their employees, because only then will they be able to offer them the necessary conditions to make them feel good at their place of work.
Obtaining this information in real time is essential for the development of any business, as it allows you to make more assertive decisions in a timely manner and faster, without running the risk of being overtaken by the competition. For this scenario to become a reality, it is necessary to simplify and integrate the human capital management processes in your organization, through "powerful" tools that can guarantee the success of operations.
The SAP HCM & SAP SuccessFactors Solution responds to this challenge in an unequivocal and global way through the areas it covers and the features it offers, working autonomously, to help you find the right people for the right positions, develop potential leaders,retain talent and engage a diverse workforce with a digital HR experience.

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Dynamic Forecast Simulator

In the current context and in view of the constraints to which organizations are subjected it is essential to make a simulation of forecasts based on essential criteria and obtain an assertive result in view of the different scenarios and dimensions of analysis in order to evaluate the impact of the measures to be adopted.

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CRM | Customer Relationship Management

A CRM system integrates all procedures and processes related to management and interaction with the customer. The main objective of a CRM system is to help organizations retain or retain existing customers and win new ones. This is possible through CRM systems that work with a focus on the customer / market, allowing the storage of strategic information linked to their needs, expectations and satisfaction. The compilation of historical relationship data provides organizations with the ability to develop "knowledge" about the customer.

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Zendesk | Customer Service

Zendesk is an Omnichannel Customer Service solution and is currently considered by the Gartner Group as the best customer service software in the world, with over 200,000 customers worldwide.
This solution interacts as a shared inbox for all your customers' questions and concerns (tickets), whether they are external or internal customers.
Regardless of the channel used by the customer to contact the company (Email, Forms, Phone, Chat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), the support agent or collaborator will always receive a coherent ticket that will not only facilitate its management , but will also result in faster service, providing greater customer satisfaction.

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Document Processing Solutions | Extract Data - Automatic Validation - Fraud Detection

Organizations through information technologies are becoming increasingly efficient and secure in the development of their processes. However, some high-risk processes, such as granting a loan, signing a contract, issuing certificates, paying bills, etc., are still supported by physical documents that are inspected, evaluated and processed manually, for verification their authenticity, changes made, or simply to extract the information to feed the information systems.
To assist organizations to increase their quality and efficiency standards, we provide a team of engineers with over 20 years of experience in the area of ​​fraud prevention, process automation, security, research and systems integration, for the financial sectors , telco, insurance and public.
We offer organizations a new concept that aims to implement technological solutions for processing and automatic document verification, in order to reduce operating costs and their losses due to fraud, using the most advanced knowledge of "Machine Learning", mathematical models of distortions produced by the "Print & Scan Channel" and "Optical Document Processing" document printing and scanning processes.

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Contact Center | IPBX | Communications

We offer integrated Contact Center solutions (IPBX + Contact Center Software + Communications), through 2 premium products, Contact Center platform and IPBX platform. The products are web based, based on IP architecture and were developed from scratch to work in the cloud and provide all the functionality of a latest generation Contact Center platform, complete, robust and integrated, such as IPBX, IVR, Inbound Services / Outbound, Scripts, Tickets, Chat, CRM, Reporting / Analytics, Quality, E-learning, SMS, Text to Speech, and other features.

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