Also known as “zero-click BI”, HyperIntelligence delivers the necessary Analytics and quick action capability to users in their own desktop without having to go looking for it, i.e. no need to scroll through different applications to get the data.

Why you need HyperIntelligence?

Dashboards are not enough. HyperIntelligence can distribute contextual information to any website, email, device or application. You can get answers in real time without interrupting your workflow - "no clicks needed".
If you don't have time to find data or analyzes in different BI systems or applications and you need them to make important business decisions, HyperIntelligence certainly solves this problem by providing the information that is in the applications you use every day, so you don't have to search by the data.

Create flexible and modern HyperCards for your business applications, browsers or emails, with information available from any corporate source, manage security and distribute to thousands of users in just a few clicks.

Any Application or Website

On Salesforce

On Microsoft Office

  • Do you need to get out of business applications to get the information you need to work?

  • Do you need to perform actions in different applications for the same process?

  • Do you need to collect information from different data sources to analyze it?

  • Do you need to access information outside your company and are unable to do it?

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