QlikView and Qlik Sense are state-of-the-art BI platforms capable of ensuring business management and a unique view of information, allowing business users to consolidate, view and query data in an intuitive, effective and independent way. Scalability and security are another of its main characteristics, as well as the possibility of being used from different types of clients (browser, richclient, mobile) or devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets).
State-of-the-art Business Intelligence tools, which provide various analyzes and research from a large number of information sources. It allows business analysts to aggregate and consolidate information from many sources, explore it, discover patterns, define business performance measurement indicators and, in general, resolve or prevent activity management problems.
The results, in the form of analyzes, graphs and dashboards, can be published on various platforms without any additional costs; The product has a unique patented associative search technology, which uses the machine's internal memory for operations and is able to provide real-time results to the end user.

A unique product that covers all areas of BI

  • It allows creating and maintaining processes for the extraction, transformation and consolidation of operational data;

  • Define various business indicators and metrics that measure and measure its performance;

  • Consolidate, create and maintain analytical reports, graphs and multiple dashboards, where in an intuitive and easy to understand form, statistical data can be analyzed according to the defined indicators and metrics.


  • QlikView - Qlik Sense's patented in-memory technology quickly combines data from any source. Already using Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, SQL Server, MySQL, or Excel? No problem. QlikView - Qlik Sense takes care of everything.


  • Google-type BI research has finally arrived. Try it and type any word or phrase, in any order, into the QlikView search box. You will automatically get associated results that allow you to see new connections and relationships between your data in different applications.

To View

  • Here's the fun part. In just a few seconds, take your data and view it the way you want. Put them on attractive graphs, tables, maps of every type imaginable. Make them 2-D or 3-D. Increase them. Decrease them. Click anywhere for more details. With QlikView you will look at your data completely different.


  • Reduction of analysis time;

  • Guaranteed return on investment;

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty;

  • Business user autonomy in the management and analysis of measures;

  • Associative research that offers quick answers to your business;

  • In memory technology that allows instant analysis of data in real time;

  • 24x7 accessibility and regardless of location;

  • High scalability;

  • Increased security and protection of critical data.

Critical Success Factors

  • BI tools are increasingly an essential support for decision making. However, although there are several solutions on the market they all share a critical flaw: they have limitations in establishing associations between data. And this is the added value of the QlikView - Qlik Sense platform.

  • With associative research, the user can explore the data, discover new information and find indicators that allow to make decisions efficiently. Allied to the unique characteristics of interactivity usability and graphic richness thus QlikView - Qlik Sense becomes a unique tool in the business analysis support market.

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