Zendesk is an Omnichannel Customer Service solution and is currently considered by the Gartner Group as the best customer service software in the world, with over 200,000 customers spread across the globe.
This solution interacts as a shared inbox for all your customers' questions and concerns (tickets) either they are external or internal customers.
Regardless of the channel used by the customer to contact the company (Email, Forms, Phone, Chat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), the support agent or collaborator will always receive a coherent ticket that will not only facilitate its management but will also result in faster service providing greater customer satisfaction.

This solution allows support teams to optimize communications with customers in one place all from within an organized workflow resulting in faster resolution of individual support requests. If the same customer contacts you again the agent will have automatic and immediate access to a whole set of information about the customer, including the date of your last contact, your request, the reached solution and the customer's waiting time for solve the problem.
Zendesk also allows the collection and processing of data, which can be used to improve and optimize the customer support team through the identification, analysis and correction of one or several specific issues that are detected several times using the use of triggers that allow you to automatically alert to certain occurrences thus generating not only a faster analysis of the problem, but also allowing the provision of information to the teams for that same resolution thus saving time and resources.

On the other hand all customer data kept in the system can be searched including tickets, articles, sharing internal notes and others, thus allowing a complete analysis that allows to follow all customer requests from beginning to end, even if they are originated in different channels and have been handled by different agents.
As Zendesk is also a customer monitoring system the helpdesk team will be able to learn and evolve over time, resulting in optimized service options (created with the helpdesk software) that guarantee more personalized support and more customer service. efficient and consistent.
YellowScire makes Zendesk available through a partnership with DDS, which exclusively represents the technology to the Portuguese market.

Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support is a surprisingly simple system for monitoring and solving customer support tickets that brings all the information together in one place.
Everything you need in a single software so that the communication between the company and its customers is efficient relevant and personal. Zendesk Support is currently used by more than 200.000 companies worldwide who have relied on product quality to manage their relationship with their customers.

Zendesk Guide

The Zendesk Guide is an intelligent information base that allows agents to provide the best information possible in order to provide the best customer service.
Support teams as a rule are very knowledgeable about customer problems as well as the best way to solve them. With the Guide any organization can quickly create a customizable Help Center an online community and a customer portal so that not only do their customers find the information they want quickly but also their agents gain productivity solving problems as efficiently as possible.

Zendesk Chat

Communicate with your customers instantly over the web through mobile devices and via messaging. Chat and messaging create a personal connection with customers looking for help being a quick and effective way to offer help without interrupting their experience.

Zendesk Talk

Talk to your customers with a switchboard solution built directly into the Zendesk ticket system. A phone conversation is an efficient way to solve a problem even in the age of email and social media.
When customers receive help over the phone agents can solve complex problems more quickly and offer personalized support. Encourage easy and efficient dialogue with Zendesk Talk.

Zendesk Explore

Zendesk Explore provides detailed information to measure and understand the entire customer experience allowing a better understanding of the real needs and expectations of your contact. Through this tool the organization effectively obtains immediate access to important customer analyzes namely in terms of their consumption patterns their interaction with companies and their needs among other examples.
On the other hand it is also a powerful internal tool for analyzing and distributing information from a whole set of flows and interactions generated by the support team which will serve to correct deficiencies optimize processes and provide a global view of the entire customer management process.

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