Human capital is recognized in organizations as a factor of positive differentiation in a context of global economy and competitiveness. This capital so important for organizations needs to be properly built and developed. Currently the 360º evaluation is a performance evaluation method widely used by organizations allowing a clear identification of the strengths and opportunities for improvement present in each employee, assuming itself as an important tool for the strategic management of people.
With the objective of assessing impartially, 360º assessment is an effective methodology, with the aim of identifying and analyzing the perception that employees have of colleagues. The objective is to promote continuous improvement of employees who are part of a company mainly of those who occupy management positions through punctual feedbacks carried out through a questionnaire answered by superiors colleagues, subordinates, suppliers and sometimes also by internal and external customers. The employee's self-assessment is also considered, which gives him an even more accurate perspective of his actions, behaviors and other factors, which will help him implement improvements and strengthen whatever is necessary in his daily life. job.
Among the points assessed in the 360º Assessment are: Training; Attitudes; Technical abilities; Strong points; Improvement points; Behavioral Profile. The 360 ​​° Assessment, which is also known as 360 Degree Feedback, Feedback with Multiple Sources, and Multi-vision Assessment is a powerful tool for strategic people management and also an extraordinary opportunity that companies and professionals have to grow through a deeper understanding. about your strengths and the points that need to be improved in your daily actions.

Some Key Points in the 360º Evaluation

  • Training;

  • Attitudes;

  • Technical Skills;

  • Strong Points;

  • Improvement Opportunities;

  • Behavioral Profile.

One of the strengths of the 360º assessment is confidentiality, as the results of each employee are only known to him and his superiors so that each employee accompanied by his boss and those responsible for human resources can design and enhance your development plan based on the improvement opportunities identified in your assessment. The responses and opinions of each person who intervenes in the evaluation cycle of their colleagues bosses and subordinates must always be anonymous to avoid conflicts and ensure trust motivation and honesty in the process.

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